FSEOG or the Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant, is one that will do little more than supplement your existing grant moneys and whatever you may be paying into your education.  So, this should probably not be used alone, if you are looking to qualify.  In addition to that, this money is likely to take a bit longer to be applied to your university or college balance.  In essence, it is important to understand the nature of the FSEOG before applying.


The Purpose of FSEOG

The FSEOG was intended to be supplemental (hence, the name) for students who have already applied for the Pell Grant program.  This is why we listed the Pell Grant option first on College Grants One.

However, it should be known that this program has rapidly expanded in recent years to accommodate other programs.  So, the purpose of the FSEOG is to “fill in the blanks” where the other grants and funding could not cover.  Even though it may only cover $100 of your tuition, the free money is still worth it.  It does not take very long to apply, but it does take a while to get approved.


How the FSEOG Works

Basically, the FSEOG is a grant that supplies an allocated amount of funding to over 4,000 colleges around the US and the world.  The budget for each college, and whom they wish to approve is almost totally up to each university, but, like most grants, there still are minimum requirements that the student must meet.

These requirements are just like those with the Pell Grants, accept the US Citizenry clause is optional in this case.

Once again, the FSEOG is a need based program, not one that requires a certain skill, organizational, or specialty.  If your income meets the minimum requirements, then you are likely to get funding.  As with most government grants, the less income you have, the higher the amount you will be awarded.

Now, you must make sure that your record is clean.  So, you can’t have any drug, DUI, or other substance and sales of substance charges.  Also, you cannot be on probation or incarcerated in order to qualify.

If you meet these requirements then you will receive money from the FSEOG program.


How the Money Is Distributed

The FSEOG program works in a different way than most grants.  Basically, they give each college an FSEOG budget.  It is up to the college on how much assistance they want to give to certain students.  The key for you is to find one of the 4,000, which should be rather easy to do.

Every college applicant should have that dream school on their list that is just a little bit out of reach financially or academically. But alongside that one dream school application, college bound high school seniors should really be looking at schools that offer them either the program they’re interested in pursuing or a broad range of programs to choose from if you go in undecided. If you’re sure about your intended career, some smaller, less costly schools are known for certain fields, so do your research through a college search on schools that specialize in that field.

Put what you’ve heard about the schools word-of-mouth from your friend’s older brother and look beyond what you think would look good on a resume or impress your family. There are many colleges out there with excellent academic programs that could be even more impressive than that big expensive university everyone in your class is applying for.

If you are in need of college funding, then the FSEOG is a great way to make sure that you can make it though your program without having to pay the full amount of tuition.  The FSEOG should fill in the blanks where the other money didn’t cover.



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