If you are looking for US federal, state, and local grants, then it may be important for you to have your field of study nailed down prior to applying.  One reason is that many education grants will have programs offered to many specific fields of study and majors.  For instance, if you were to visit Grants.gov you will find a myriad of options that you can entertain as a result of knowing your major.  Here are just a few examples of where you can go with this concept.


How Majors Can Earn You Free Money

As seen on many other scholarship websites, it would seem rather obvious that you can get money depending on what you are studying.  For instance, if you were studying Art, and you went to an art foundation that had a scholarship program, there is a very good chance that you would qualify for scholarship tuition assistance.

Grants are much the same way, but usually there are only two reasons as to why you would be awarded a grant for education.

The first reason is that you must qualify for “low-income” assistance, and that is something that is discussed in other parts of this website. The second reason is that you are of value to the US Government, and they want to finance you well-being and future.  Thus, you will be able to utilize that ability to receive grant moneys if you your major is of help to various government programs.  In many cases, these programs themselves will be the entity that offers the grant.  So, if you are a biology major, media and communications major, or even a political science major, then you may qualify for grant assistance.


The Key To Applying

If you do decide that you want to hunt down grant moneys based on your major, it would first be a good idea to have your financial paperwork in line.  This means, you need to gather your W2’s and other tax information.  The government is not going to fund you, no matter what you do, if you don’t appear to need the money.

Next, your best call is to head on down to the financial aid department, and talk about what you want to do with a financial aid agent for your college.  They should know a great deal about grants and how to acquire them.

Most likely, they will point you in the direction of signing up for a FAFSA account and pin number, as this is usually the first place to start for educational grants.  The beauty of FAFSA is that it is the arbiter between you and the government, and unfortunately, most grants do not give that kind of service.


Few and Far Between

Opportunities may look few and far between on the government grants website, but those are only federal grants that are out in the open.  There are thousands (if no millions) of government programs stretching from sea to shining sea, who offer assistance based on your field of study.  So, the key is to track them down.  In some cases, students have been able to cover 100% of their tuition through the clever use and application of US grants.

It is important to do lots and lots of research about your own major and find out if the government is willing to pay for your education.  In addition to just paying for your schooling, if they want you to be educated so badly, then there may also be a good chance that they might offer you a job when you graduate.  Having your major and field of study nailed down is always the most lucrative way to go.



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