Doctoral Grants are actually apart of a very diverse group of grants. The best part about doctoral programs is the fact that they are actually the funnel of most grant monies.  The reason for this is because grant money usually goes towards those doing research based work, and is by definition going to be apart of some government program.  It is important to remember that the goverment will always get what it pays for.


Doctoral Students

One of the obvious hallmarks about doctoral students is the fact that they are a very bright bunch of students.  There are no underachievers, and they will always have the best grades.  They always have high hopes, goals, and dreams, and you can be sure that if they are in a Ph.D program, then they will definitely make it to wherever they intend to go in the career world.  This is one reason why being a doctoral student means that you are extremely likely to qualify for scholarship and grant moneys.  It is not necessarily the fact that these programs favor doctoral students, but it is the fact that doctoral students are already exceptional.


How To Apply

Where your grant moneys will come from and how much it will amount to will largely depend on your particular field of study.  For instance, if you are involved in finding a better way to purify hard metals from the water supply of a major city, through your PhD in Biology, as stated in your thesis, then you are likely to receive research funding by a city council or even the federal government itself.

In many instances, the government isn’t funding the doctoral degree, per se, but it is rather funding the research you plan to do in the future for them.  So, it is important to keep that in mind.  All in all, the government will fund what it finds useful, and it will be beneficial of you to contact the various agencies and departments to which your degree pertains.


First Steps

This section is tricky, for the simple fact that there is really not any one program that they fund.  Also, there is no “doctoral grant” that is available to date.  But, what you can be sure of is that there are lots of avenues you can approach.

The first place you need to be looking is  This website will be loaded with programs that the government is actually looking to fund.  You will not have to worry if they need your research, as they have already made the efforts to call for it on the website.

Next, if you don’t see anything that fits the description of your field, then one of the best things that you can do is call the folks on the “customer services” line at  They will have a “contact us” part, where you will be able to talk to a representative.  In many instances, you will probably be directed to someone who is interested in your proposal for a college grant.  Remember that they are always interested in funding some type of helpful doctoral research, as this looks great when they talk about your advancements in a field to a Congressional Committee.

After that, if you have no luck there, then keep on trying the usual avenues, such as Google, and even your Financial Aid department in your college.  They are likely to have all kinds of tricks up their sleeves, which means that they will know an exhaustive list of places to apply for grant moneys.  Do keep in mind that even though the federal government might not be open to an application from your field of study, there are still 50 other states that might be willing to play ball.

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