Grants are widely available for just about any minority, especially for those in the African American demographic.  Also, Latino Americans are rising from obscurity, as grants are becoming more and more available for them as well.  So, what opportunities are there for Asian Americans?  While there may not be as many out there (and some simple internet searches will reveal that this truly is the case), you can still find lots of opportunities to get funding for your academic career.

Now there are a few avenues that you will want to explore, as this is one of the least represented minorities in terms of grants and scholarships.  So, the key will be to play the cards that you know will work, and then move on from there.

One of the biggest reasons to need grants is because you may be in a low-income tax bracket.  If this is the case, then there is opportunity right around the corner.


General Opportunities

One of the first types of grants that you should always check from the very beginning of your search should be Pell Grants.  These, and other low-income opportunities are going to give you the best chances.

You will have more of a likelihood in receiving low-income awards then from those because of racial demographics.  The key is determining if you do qualify.  if you don’t, then there are some other grant options that you can explore.


Opportunities for Asians

There are still lots of ways to use your demographics to your advantage.  However, there aren’t many government organizations that will be the ones doing the funding.  Overall, you are going to want to search for private, n0n-profit organizations.  Essentially, they will be able to “grant” you the money that you need.  A grant is a gift, which means that these organizations will be able to award you a “gift” that you will never have to pay back.

This is the essence of using free money to pay for college, and it can really help you avoid those school loans.

Among many of the organizations, you will find the most prevalent award givers listed below.  This list is not exhaustive, but it may give you a pretty good idea about what you are looking at.

Make sure that you start the application process early on, as it is going to take more than a handshake and a smile to get into the programs.


The Grant List

Asian American Journalists Association

The Asian American Journalists Association (AAJA) was founded in 1981 by a few Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) journalists who felt a need to support one another and to encourage more Asian American and Pacific Islanders to pursue journalism at a time when there were few Asian American and Pacific Islander faces in the media. To encourage more Asian American and Pacific Islander journalist, AAJA and AAPI provide scholarship and internship to student who want to join this field

The scholarships offered by AAJA are for outstanding undergraduate and graduate students. Awards range from $1,000 to $25,000. Students are selected based on the following criteria: commitment to the field of journalism; sensitivity to Asian American and Pacific Islander issues; journalistic ability; scholastic ability; and financial need. Since its inception, AAJA has awarded more than $1.2 million in scholarships and internships to more than 500 students pursuing a career in journalism.

The internships offered by AAIA AAJA currently offers the Stanford Chen Internship Grant, AAJA/Chicago Tribune Print and New Media Internship Grant, and the AAJA Internship Grant for Broadcast.

Asian Cultural Council

The Asian Cultural Council is a foundation supporting cultural exchange in the visual and performing arts between the United States and Asia.

Fellowships to individuals constitute the central feature of the ACC’s grant program, the emphasis being on awards to artists, scholars and specialists from Asia for research, study and creative work in the United States. Some grants are also made to Americans pursuing similar activities in Asia and to educational and cultural institutions engaged in projects of special significance to Asian-American exchange.

In addition, the Asian Cultural Council awards a small number of grants in support of regional exchange activities within Asia.

Southeast Asian Studies Regional Exchange Program (SEASREP) Grants

The SEAREP organization which aims to promote Southeast Asian studies through various research, study and exchange grants. They offer 1) Language Training Grants, 2) Fellowships for Masters and PhD Research in Southeast Asian Studies, and 3) Comparative and Collaborative Research Grants


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