Being of Latino heritage is definitely something to be proud of.  But, unfortunately, they are the least represented demographic in the world of academia.  The Latino population demographic is the fastest growing in the US, while they are the demographic that is the least likely to make it to college.  With the weight of numbers on your side, it would seem that you would be more represented, but this is not the case.

It is in fact, financial hurdles that often stops Latinos from making it into college, and finishing college once they are there.  So, it is important that you think outside the box, yet avoiding to “reinvent the wheel” at the same time.  Finding grant funding is going to be a long process, but it will be well worth it in the end.  In fact, there are more opportunities to find grants than ever before.


Latino Opportunities

As we said above, it is important to note that the one hurdle standing between Latino demographic students and a college education is funding.  So, one of the first places that you should check if you need money for college is that you are a Latino with a low-income status.

In which case, you will be able to qualify for Pell Grants, which are specifically designed to assist those from low-income families.  In your situation, it is always the best to play the low-income card, which tends to work the fastest, it tends to be the most likely to be awarded, and you will get the most funds this way.

Pell Grant monies are determined based on several factors.  You need to determine how much income you are likely to get, and you need to determine how much financial help you are likely to get from your parents.  These two numbers will determine if you qualify for Pell Grants and how much you are likely to be awarded.


Understanding Demographic Advantages

As a Latino individual, you will have certain advantages for the simple fact that there are more in your demographic than in almost every other minority.  Latino numbers are likely to pass that of African American numbers shortly, which will be likely to change sentiments.  In which case, you will probably see more opportunities being thrown in your direction.

The best way to go about using your Latino heritage as an advantage is to seek out private organizations for funding.  These organizations are numerous and they are generous.  Below are some opportunities to give you a place to begin your search.

One of the most significant changes in recent years as it pertains to a Hispanic prospective student is the development of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute. No other source can provide nearly as much information on grants and scholarships available specifically for Hispanics.

The National Hispanic University in California has designed multiple scholarships and grant programs for prospective students and there are some available to high school attendees and older adults as well. All Hispanic grants available for use on their campus can be applied for directly through the school’s office of admissions.

Also, here are more organizations to consider:

  • Adelante! U.S. Education Leadership Fund
  • American Architectural Foundation
  • American Chemical Society
  • College Assistance Migrant Programs
  • Government Finance Officers Association
  • Hispanic Alliance for Career Enhancement
  • Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities
  • Hispanic College Fund
  • Institute for Humane Studies
  • Jackie Robinson Foundation
  • The Lagrant Foundation
  • La Unidad Latina Foundation
  • League of United Latin American Citizens
  • National Action Council for Minorities
  • National Association of Hispanic Journalists
  • National Association of Hispanic Nurses
  • National Hispanic Coalition
  • National Organization of Professional Hispanic Natural Resources
  • Ronald McDonald House
  • Salvadoran Education and Leadership Fund
  • United States Hispanic Leadership Fund
  • World Studio Foundation
  • Xerox

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